Mister Lasagna: Homemade Italian dishes, prepared for you in the heart of London.

Whether you’re in London for work or pleasure, we have a lasagna for every tastebud and every occasion. 

Prepared using Mister Lasagna’s Grandmother’s recipes, there’s a slice of authentic Italy waiting for you in the city. Lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients, lasagna’s as unique and tasty as ours cannot be replicated.

A wide choice for London people

The ultimate aim of the co-Founder, Alessandro Limone, is to serve the world’s best tasting Lasagna dishes. And that is exactly what you will find at Mister Lasagna: authentic Italian lasagna made using his Grandma’s recipes, from Rome, to London.

Serving 17 different types of lasagna, from the classic Bolognese and pesto to the more innovative truffle or smoked salmon.

All Lasagnas are made in Italy with Italian ingredients and Italian flair, using a selection of authentic raw materials, then shipped to the UK (and Europe).

Mister Lasagna: from Italy, with love. 

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